Clean Plate Frenzy

On Good Morning America this morning they were talking about whether kids should clean their plates or not? Should they eat everything on the plate or choose? Opinions? Of course we all have them. Everyone parents different.

My husband is constantly on me about how he was raised and how he only had so much to eat so he had to eat it. I on the other hand had not so much a choice of what we were having but I did not have to eat things I didn't like.
So why should it be 1 parents way and not the other is what I try to get across to my husband but he just says we are wasting foods. I try to mix the 2 backgrounds together. I cook just about every night. I know what kids like what and what I can get them to eat. I also know what they wont eat but I pick and choose. Some nights the kids that don't like broccoli have to deal with it but I don't make them eat a full serving. Some nights the kids that don't like chicken get fish or something else. It all just depends. I don't make them eat everything on their plates but they do have to eat a little of everything. There have been nights where I will cook something a little different for each and some nights its all the same. I don't go out of my way though. I don't think its too much work to cook a serving or 2 of rice if we are having some kind of pasta as a side because my oldest doesn't like pasta too much. Some would say my kids are spoiled because I do things like that but I don't see if as spoiling because its not always like that.
I like my kids to be able to make their own choices, mistakes or not. I also like them to be independent and able to learn on their own. I don't avoid cooking things because I know some of them wont eat but I make them at least try things or have somewhat of a serving of veggies and foods they should eat that they just don't like but I don't force them. If they say they are full and have not touched something they don't like then that's where I say they have to try it.
Oddly there are things I was not made to eat when I was younger that I eat now. Mushrooms are my favorite! Tomatoes I used to hate and while they are not my favorite I don't make it a point to pick each piece off my plate anymore. And my husband can not stand to eat chicken because he ate that just about nightly growing up.
Some things the LOVE! 

Shopping for foods they don't usually eat. 

Some things they don't like.

Sometimes they get into stuff and try it on their own lol 


  1. It 's true, everyone has their own opinion regarding, but I think you're the right way!

    1. I guess Ill find out as the kids get older and grow up :)

  2. This is a debate my Hubby and I have had as well. He is one to always respond "Sure" when my Kiddies as can they be full... I on the other know I portion according to their age, size, etc. so I feel they should finish it. I guess it is a parent by parent and individual household type decision. Only you know your my Hubby may just be playing the 'good guy' :)

  3. I handle this almost exactly the same with my family. I have a vegetarian, a cheese-hater, a veggie-hater, and only one child who will eat almost anything. If I confined myself to meals that would please all of them, I'd have a very limited menu. I don't force my vegetarian to eat meat so I won't force my other kids to eat things they don't like either. Everyone has to at least TRY a food first though. And if they choose not to eat something I have prepared, they are responsible for finding an alternative. For example, my son who hates vegetables isn't forced to eat the broccoli he hates, but he must clean the carrots that he is substituting as his vegetable.

  4. I don't make different things for different children, but if it is something I know they don't like, I try not to give them much, either.


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