Meet the Teachers

School starts tomorrow.....TOMORROW! Already! Where the summer went I have noooo idea but it is over for us here. The older 2 are homeschooled via virtual online and they actually started today. The oldest of the 2 did but the other one I just started the enrollment process so am waiting for his classes to show up. There were issues with enrolling him at the public middle school here and I just didn't feel the need to deal with the lady and her attitude at the school.
Anyways, back to the purpose of today....we went on Saturday to Meet the Teacher for the Kindergarten classes at the playground. Then the official Meet the Teacher for all grades was today. We got to visit the classrooms and talk to the teachers a bit. The school is one of the best in the areas and the teachers and staff we have met so far have been awesome and very helpful. The kids are super excited to start tomorrow and I have Tierney going into 4th and Garrett starting Kindergarten. I am glad they like school and I am thankful they do well in school.

Meet the Teacher. Kindergarten. 
It was a hot afternoon. :) Meet the Teacher. Kindergarten. 
Meet the Teacher.
Meet the Teacher.
4th Grade. 


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