Craziness #MusicalMondays

So it seems as though everyone has gone insane. Not just like crazy but oddly insane.
People are hurting and killing others. Mothers are killing children. Men are shooting random people. Schools are on lock down. People are killing themselves. Its just a bit insane to me. Not to make light of the situations that are going on apparently EVERYWHERE but we shall have some crazy songs this afternoon. It is sad to me that this is what kids, parents, and people in general have to deal with and now see on the news or in the media everyday. I hope and pray that my kids never are in direct contact with any of the negativity that is out there but I can't control that, I can just hope and pray.
And while looking for songs I have found there are a TON about depression, suicides, and other issues. A TON!


  1. That is a lot of good music about crazy there! Thanks for sharing and linking up!


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