A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I have been watching this since I was little. Every year we would watch the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. 
Now I watch it with all my kids every year. Sometimes the older kids (now 11 and 12) aren't totally into all my holiday traditions but they still go along with it. And I am very thankful they do because we know other families that have no real holiday traditions or they are taken for granted and ignored. 
This evening after everyone has eaten and calmed down for the night we will be watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. 

According to ABC Vice President of Alternative Series and Specials, Mark Bracco, the Charlie Brown specials continue to “resonate with viewers," and it has to do with families passing along the holiday tradition.
“The kids that watched them a generation ago are now watching them with their own kids. Today's parents have made the Charlie Brown specials a part of their own holiday traditions,” Bracco told the publication via email.
The Thanksgiving special will air on the holiday this year, and the broadcast will include a bonus cartoon, “This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers.”
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will be on ABC at 8pm (est)....Anyone else going to be watching???

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