An afternoon with Emmaleigh

Polar Bears 
Usually I don't have just one of the kids with me but for today I got to spend the afternoon with Emmaleigh. The older boys were home doing school stuff and Tierney and Garrett were at school. She wanted to go to the mall so we went to International Plaza for a little while. They were all decorated for Christmas so she did get to stop in and see Santa.
International Mall trees 
Her favorite store!! Disney Store

Interactive screen. 
  The Disney Store is there so we did spend a good amount of time in there. Currently that is her favorite store. The on in International has a huge interactive screen that plays videos and the kids get to actually pick what is playing. They also have a few tables that have crayons and Disney coloring pages. She could spend hours, probably days, there. Some days they have an activity like the employees have the kids play a trivia game or they learn dance moves from different Disney shows.
"This fits!" 
Coloring and watching The Little Mermaid 
All hands on stuff at this store. She LOVES it. 

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