Ice Skating

Emmaleigh and Tierney 

Babies ready to skate! 
Ice skating downtown was originally supposed to start on Friday night but for whatever reason the city decided to open the day/night before so we went downtown to Curtis Hixon. I thought it was going to be busy but I guess most didn't realize the opening had changed....lucky for us! The kids got to skate for a few hours. It was the first time ice skating for Garrett and Emmaleigh....I could not get her off the ice at all. She was a bit tired towards the end of the night but she wanted to just keep skating. I am so glad they had such a good time!!!

Before the skating was actually opened they had some activities outside....the kids got to play cornhole and meet the Chick Fil A cows. Once inside the news crews were there and the Mayor of Tampa. The kids got to be on tv and then skating finally started. There was also hot chocolate and cookies available all night.
Chick Fil A cows
News crews talking to the kids
Hot chocolate

Kids skating
Em loved this lady!!!! 
Tierney skating ...and trying not to fall!!

Little skates :) 

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