Shopping with the kids

Decided to take the kids to the mall before it got too busy with holiday shoppers. The kids just like to walk around and wander. They do alot of window shopping. While we were walking, we saw the Teddy Bear Drive and we bought one to put into the case and Emmaleigh had this tiny blue bear with little snowflakes on it and she threw it in there too. At first she didn't realize she wasn't going to be getting back and was kinda shocked. I did have to explain to her a few times how the donations actually worked.

Teddy Bear Drive 
Red Nosed Tierney
After the Teddy Bear Drive we walked through Claires to pick up a few things for the girls. Of course that was a nice long trip....the girls like to shop! Already! They always have a ton of stuff the girls want so its usually an adventure in itself. 
She needs a new purse. 


And then of course there is the Disney Store. The one in Westfield Brandon is not as awesome as the one in International Mall but we do manage to spend a good amount of time there. 
Pilot Garrett  (Planes) 
Looking for new toys!
Disney Store 
Shopping for all the must haves! 

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