Can you make glitter from salt? #Pinterest

Feeling a little crafty today so the kids and I ran up and got some tree cuttings and am going to make some salt glitter. The plan is to make some ornaments and some Christmas decorations. The original idea for homemade glitter came from Pinterest and was liked back to Downlo for the recipe. I assume the bigger chunks of salt would make more of a sparkle effect but we have regular table salt so we just used that and gave it a shot. 
Ingredients: Salt and Food Coloring. 

-Preheat oven to 350*
-Mix salt and few drops of food coloring into a bowl or plastic baggie. (You can use table salt, sea salt of epsom salt)
-Spread onto a baking sheet into one layer. 
-Bake about 10 minutes. 
-Cool and put into shakers or containers for use. 

Very easy process! Very quick and easy to make and clean up. While it did not turn out to be sparkly glitter it did give the kids something to do. It allowed them to make their own arts supplies. They did get to mix their own colors. And it is edible so if all else fails it can be used on dinner!!  
Cooling of salt glitter. 

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  1. Whoa - I didn't know you could do this!

  2. This is so fun! I am going to try it with my daughter! Thanks for the idea

  3. so fun...i didn't know you do this...thanks!

  4. WOW I didn't know that you could do this! THank you so much for sharing, I cant' wait to do this with my boys. this looks like a lot of fun