Christmas lights in Downtown St Pete. North Straub Park.

Starting the 1st weekend of December by going out and looking at lights. I decided last night we are going to pick one place each weekend and drive out for lights and then on Christmas Eve we will get the kids in jammas and take them around to look at lights like we do every year. But there are always big displays in St Pete, which isn't too far for us but far enough to not want to drive every night. 
Last night we went to North Straub Park in St Petersburg, Florida. We missed the tree lighting on November 29th but the lights are up all month. 
Here are some pics: 
Santa across the water. Sorry not so good but he's there.
Some lights and Santas sleigh 
Oh Christmas Tree! 
Photo opps everywhere! 
A little late night tree climbing. 
Reindeer and Elves

There were 2 horse drawn carriages. One was the one above and the other was a more traditional carriage. 

Letters to Santa! We will be going back to send ours off. 

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  1. They do something like this where we live, I wish it was warm enough to actually walk around!!!

  2. How beautiful! It looks like you all had fun! I remember when I was a child my dad would drive us arouind to look at the lights...such a great memory!

  3. Everybody seems had fun! I certainly like your idea of roaming around seeing lights with the family.

  4. I love the Elves and Christmas lights. We are Americans living in Germany and Christmas markets here are awesome, but not many people decorate with lights. Your blog was featured today on the Yahoo Group Homeschoolers Bloggers Haven. Merry Christmas - Julie