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I am a stay at home mom to 5 kids, plus my husband and the animals and sometimes planning meals seems to be alot of work. I know it should be something I am good at considering I am a stay at home but I am horrible with the planning of meals, or anything really. I go through phases where I look up a ton of stuff to make, different recipes, what I need and all that, and have this really awesome well planned out list for the store and then I get there and end up with all kinds of stuff....or I forget the list and give up. I know it would give me a little more time for family and other stuff if I were to stick to a meal plan so figured I would give it a shot. 

Dinner time is usually the most hectic. All the kids are home and the younger 2 are cranky because they don't nap anymore and have been up since 7:30am. Homework is being done and some need help. I am trying to clean up so after dinner not much needs to be done. I try to remember to grab something out of the freezer in the morning but about 40% of the time I will forget so I am stuck with limited options at that point. It's all just complete nonstop chaos. Granted, I love the chaos but would love it if it were more spread out over the day and not crammed in to about 2/3 hours of the evening. 
I have never used eMeals before this but am going to say that I love it and how they have everything you need.  They offer different meal plans for different lifestyles, likes, and families wants and needs. They currently have 13 plans available. The classic meals include recipes for Creamy Herb Pork Chops, Cheez-It Chicken, and Taco Calzones. Slow cooker includes Loaded Potato Soup and Greek Style Chicken. There are other menus for low carb or low fat as well as Mediterranean and Gluten free. 
In addition they offer breakfast, lunch, and now dessert plans. 
The new dessert plans is incredible. Recipes include the Chocolate Pretzel Slab pie, Crunchy Streusel Pumpkin Loaf (YUM!!) and Buttery Toasted Vanilla Clusters. All are quick and easy and offer a great variety of casual and even some healthy treats. 
To celebrate the new dessert launch, eMeals is offering a Target giftcard giveaway and more on Pinterest so stop by and ENTER TO WIN!!! 

eMeals is a leader in online meal planning. A comprehensive meal planning resource that helps provide healthy and delicious dinners for busy families and individuals of all kids. Endorsed by financial guru Dave Ramsey and highlighted in the Oprah Winfrey blog, the eMeals dinner plans include grocery lists and recipe instructions that are very simple and easy to follow. 

Sign up NOW to get 15% off eMeals. Use code "USFG" and feel free to come back and let me know what you think of eMeals and all they have to offer. 

-Happy Cooking!!!-

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