Snowmen #Pinterest

Christmas is on its way...and Christmas is CRAFTY! Wandering around on Pinterest and have seen these everywhere but I did not have the sticks and just never got around to it. A friend of ours however did! So here is what was on Pinterest and our finished snowmen. The kids all made their own, even the older ones, and got to put them all together on their own. They did get to paint them also and add whatever odds and ends they wanted. 
Here is the simple instructions: (per snowman) 
Need 8 popsicle sticks 
White paint
Black paint
2 googly eyes 
Glue/Glue Gun (the glue gun worked better and faster) 
String or ribbon 
any other colors you would like to use as painted on and any glitter, buttons, etc 
      you want to use add to your snowman 

And start putting it all together.... 
Place 7 sticks next to each other. Lined up long wise, side by side. 
Take 1 stick and place it about an inch from the top width wise (sideways)
(This stick will just hold them all together)
Glue the 1 stick to the 7 under it to make a back support and then let dry. 
Flip over once dry and  you will paint the 7 sticks that are now attached to the 1 white. 
Let dry. 
Paint the top portion black for a hat and the extra stick black. Attach the black stick to make the rim/brim of the hat. 
Let dry. 
Add eyes, nose, mouth and any other extras. 
Again, let dry. 
On either side of the back you will attach string or ribbon (cut about 4-5 inches).
Let fully dry and then hang wherever 

Tierneys Snowman 
All 5 of the snowmen waiting to dry. 
Emmaleighs Snowman...she only needed 1 eye 

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