A new park

A few months ago Tierney and I had driven over to St Pete and wandered around the Dali Museum and the water over there. It was a Sunday and not busy at all. While we were there I saw a park over by the water. I am not sure why we had not been before and why I didn't even know there was a park there. So of course we all packed up in the car on the coldest day ever and went to hang out at the park by the water

The watch tower from the park. 
Albert Whitted Park/Playground 
Climbing. This boy loves to climb!
"I see you!"
On the lookout. 
The St Pete Pier from the park. 
A huge spaceship to climb on.
Big sisters are awesome. 
Her little hands were cold. 
Tierney trying to keep warm at the park.
Watching airplanes from across the field. 
Pilot Bink. 
She is going through a pink phase. 
Always following her older brothers. 
The Dali Museum from the park. 
Little miss climbing with her big jacket on. 
Boys! Glenn with his friend, Michael, playing around. 
Time to go! 

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