Emmaleigh is 4!

No more babies running around. My youngest turns 4 today. I miss the babies but I love that they are all growing up. I guess it is just another bittersweet part of being a parent. She is awesome! She is (usually) happy and such a free spirited little girl. She loves just about anything about everything. I would love to be able to go through life like she does on a daily basis. She is so smart and always looking to learn something new. She has such a great imagination and we love to hear the things she comes up with.

Emmaleigh Marie 
The baby of the bunch. 
She has always been a happy little girl. 
Loves her big sister like crazy! 
And the hair! She has some great hair. 
Everything is good! 
Is lucky to have such awesome big brothers! 
Does her own thing. 

Make a WISH!
The kids made her a cake. 

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  1. I miss my babies too my youngest is 5. Just wait til she starts school

  2. What beautiful little girl! Love the pictures through time.

    Michelle F.

  3. Happy Birthday Emmaleigh! I love how you spelled her name. My baby is Emiley. She will be 3 in a couple months. They grow up way too fast. I loved all of the adorable photos. Looks like they all get a long really well!

  4. They really do grow up so fast! My baby boy (my last) just turned 1 on the 5th. My oldest is about to 8 next month and my middle child will be turning 7 in August.