Glenn turns 13!!

I have no clue how 13 years has gone by but it has and it has done so quickly! My oldest is 13 today. Officially a teenager. Mentally and emotionally he has always been older than his age. He has more common sense than most people I know. I am so happy he is the kid he is. I am very grateful to have such a kid and thankful he has grown and learned what he has. We have been through some craziness and he is always right there. I hope he continues to grow as he has this far. He is so much like me with attitude and life in general that it's kinda scary lol. I just hope he doesn't act like I did when I was a mom used to warn me ALL the time!!
Has had his fair share of ER visits. 
Great big brother!!! Always has been with all of them! 
I just love this picture of him.
Likes different kinds of pets. 
Loves to mess around and has no shame in doing it. 
Good with multi tasking.
Very protective.
Glenn and his best friend since 4th grade, Micheal. 
As much as they fight they get along....Family! 

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Glenn! You handsome devil you! :)

    Time flies doesn't it? Though it has been over 25 years, the day I had my son seems like yesterday. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!

  2. Happy Birthday to Glenn! Love the pics especially the one with his pet.