Getting ready for Valentines Day

Its about that time of the year again. Flowers and candy and hearts everywhere! 
Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Valentines Day. My husband normally brings home an overpriced stuffed animal with last minute flowers because its the norm I guess. I tell him every year that it is not me and I think he finally gets it. I also have a drawer full of jewelry I don't wear because its all gold and I am not a fan of gold (he knows this too but he doesn't pay attention). Its not that I don't appreciate the holiday and the gestures or the meaning behind it but I think he does things because he thinks/knows that it is what he is supposed to do. I would rather spend the money on going somewhere with the kids or whatever. I think if the correct amount of thought was actually put into the gifts or whatever he decided to do then I think it would mean more to me. This year I did not get anything, I did not expect anything and honestly, I did not want anything. For me holidays are usually about what I can do and usually what I can do for and with the kids. 
Tissue paper hearts at Michaels Crafts Store. 
So with that being said, I love holidays and I love doing things for the kids and all the crafty stuff they get to make leading up to holidays. I am a sucker for things they, ornaments, paintings, whatever! We went to Michaels Crafts and the kids made tissue paper hearts. We started decorating on the 1st of Feb. I don't go all out for this holiday but there are definitely more hearts and pink and red floating around the house. 
Boxes being put together for delivery. 
The kids also put together little Valentines Day boxes to give out to the other siblings. The oldest sister lives in North Florida so Tierney painted a 'Sisters' frame we picked up and we got a bunch of candy and goodies and mailed it. They also put together a box for the younger brother and sister that live in the area. Tierney painted her the same frame and we put in some toys, candy, and other goodies. We ended up just dropping theirs off since they are about 2 minutes from our house. We left it by the door while they were in school. 

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  1. I love celebrating the holidays with crafts. My nephew used to be my guinea pig when it comes to doing crafts. I wanted to make heart-shaped crayons to attach to Valentine's for his school....and he didn't want to do it ...BOO!!!! Why do they have to grow up so fast?

  2. hehe... Valentine's day isn't something me and my man is celebrating as well, and this year he is on his way to Africa, so me and my daughter had mother-daughter time in stead. Her favorite dinner and we watched her favorite show :) Love is love <3

  3. You know what, I totally forgot to create greeting cards and shop for chocolates for my close friends. Next time I'll do that. My family just had dinner and ate our chocolates when we got home.

  4. I love the crafts and the smiles I get form my kids on this day. I know we shouldn't need a day to show our love it should be daily but I love the extra fun stuff on this day. Lets me be all mushy and get away with it:)

  5. They look like they are having so much fun!

    Michelle F.

  6. How fun to put together goody boxes. I'm not a fan of the holiday either. This year, my husband gave me the best gift... A personalized photo that he shared on his FB and G+ walls then submitted those for resyndication through the blogger networks. I was over the moon happy.

  7. Such a cute idea, hope you guys had fun!

  8. Such a great idea. My son loved making cupcakes for our families for Valentines Day. Always fun to have an excuse for crafting.

  9. We are a crafting family, too. I love to put goody boxes together as well.