Children's Claritin Allergy 

As a part of a BzzAgent campaign, I was invited to try Children's Claritin Allergy. 

Honestly I was excited to get into this campaign because my 12 year old son has some serious allergy issues. Welll maybe not serious but enough to where he is always sniffling around the house. All day! We have taken him in a few times and there are other products we have tried but nothing seems to have worked yet. 
We received out Bzzkit in the mail about a week ago and right away I was going through directions to get him started. It was all pretty simple and all the directions for use/usage were clear on the package.

                The product claims the following:   
                *runny nose 
                *itchy, watery eyes
                *itchy throat and nose 
                *non drowsy 
                *24 hour relief 

About a week ago my 10 year old daughter started sneezing and sniffling. I originally thought it was just a cold and treated it as such but it didn't go away. She was going through a ton of tissues and had to have some on hand anytime we would leave the house. I ended up letting her try the Children's Claritin Allergy Chewables. She does not like to swallow pills and is horrible with bad tasting medicine but she did take the 2 tablets (as directed) and no complaints or procrastinating. Her sneezing stopped after a few hours and that was it for her. I have had her take the recommended dosage since and she has had no more sneezes or sniffles. 
My son, on the other hand, will take just about anything without an issues so he was ok with the liquid. I gave him the required/recommended dosage every morning and after a few days I did notice a significant difference in the amount of sniffles coming from him. Thank goodness!! A product that actually worked. I will definitely be buying more Claritin! 
While I was wandering around the Claritin site for other products and coupons to share I noticed a search bar in the top right corner, but it wasn't just to search the site, but it was an Allergy Forecast. All you do is enter your zip code and press enter and it populates the type of pollen in that area, the level, and the weather for the current day and following 3 days....awesome! 
Allergy Forecast

Included in the box was a package of Children's Claritin Allgery chewables, in grape. 
Children's Claritin Allergy Liquid, in grape. 
$3.00 Coupons for future products. 
And of course, my Welcome Letter. 

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Disclosure: My family and I did receive free products. However, my opinions are fully honest and unbiased.


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