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Summer....it is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! June 4th is the last day of school for the kids here. Since I have homeschooled off and on the past few years I have gotten into a habit of doing and planning things when people are at work and other kids are at school, the weekdays, and I have probably taken alot of that for granted because eventually we won't have that luxury anymore. It's honestly great though and we love being able to enjoy going places and taking our time. There is much less chaos when we are out and about and there is less traffic and people in general.
Then I realize this may very well be the last year of all of the kids being home. Out of the 4 kids that are currently homeschooled, all are going back to public school except Glenn, so that is going to take away from our family fun, our freedom to wander. So this summer I am planning on doing alot of things with the kids. Included in that fun is a trip to the East Coast, from Palm Beach down to the Keys. On the way back I would like to take them through the Everglades and what better place than the Everglades Holiday Park!
Everglades Holiday Park is home to the Gator Boys of Animal Planet fame. Thats right!!! Most episodes are filmed right there in the world-famous Everglades park. Filled with, what else?!? ALLIGATORS! Ben loves animals and the outdoors so I can;t wait to get him out there. I hear there is a very good chance that while visiting, we can see the Gator Boys filming. If you are a Gator Boys fan or a fan of being outdoors I would suggest taking your own little trip.

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Everglades Holiday Park --home of the #GatorBoys #EvergladeHolPk

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