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Revenge of the Viper (Book #2),  is in the Bestselling series Haven, following A Stranger Magic (Book #1), which is now available as a FREE download on Amazon! 

I did go and download the first book, A Stranger Magic, so I could completely follow along but it is not entirely necessary. Since the first one is currently free on Amazon, I figured why not add it to my collection. The second book, Revenge of the Viper, pretty much leaves off where the first ends. It goes through and you learn a little more about Sam and his background. With great action and darker magic you learn more about his past and his family. His mom is introduced as a waitress but you soon come to find out she's more than that. The more you read, the more you learn the truth about Haven.
The writing of the books is great. The words and the descriptions of the scenes if very vivid and real. The book(s) are easy to follow. I enjoyed reading the first and second books and can not wait for the next  in the series. 
I think one of my favorite lines of the book was found towards the end, and it kind of sums up what the series is about for me. 
"The world, this world, was not ready for that kind of knowledge. Humans lived in a world of expectance and comprehension. They needed to be able to understand a thing like magic for it to become a normality in their lives." 

::From the book:: 

“I’m coming, don’t be scared. I’ll be right there.”
As Gordon approached the child’s body cringed in terror. She reached for the floating rabbit and pulled it close to her.
Gordon stared down at the girl. The skin on her arms was ashen white, and upon closer inspection he could see that she had several deep gashes on her arms, some shallow scrapes, and her hands were bleeding.
Good Lord, what’s happened to this girl?
He moved closer to comfort her. She was sobbing into her hands and clutching the rabbit.
“It’s okay, I’m here. Everything is going to be all right,” he said.
As Gordon shifted Alek around to better see the child, he noticed a black mass moving over the child’s legs in the water. Quickly, he brought Alek close, and what he saw made his stomach turn.
Hundreds of black spiders were swarming over the girl’s legs and moving up her dress onto her waist. Gordon reached down for her.
“Come quickly, there are spiders—” but before he could finish his sentence the child reached out and snatched his arm with such force that he winced in pain. Sharp, bone-gray nails dug into his flesh. Shocked, Gordon looked up at the child, and for the first time, he saw her grotesque face.

Sam Dalcome's world gets turned upside down after discovering that magic is real. After barely escaping the caves with his friend, Travis, he begins to piece together the past day's events when he stumbles onto his mother's secret past. With the clues mounting, Sam must dig deeper to uncover the truth that could change his life forever. 
Sam doesn't realize that his mother's past has already caught up with them. Hidden within the shadows is Haven's most malevolent predator....the Viper. A hunter forged from the blackest magic, it watches, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Can Sam uncover the truth in time, or will his mother's past collide with the present placing them all in grave danger? 

Haven Series
Known as a place of refuge, Haven is a sanctuary for those with supernatural abilities. Decades of peace between the Witches, Vampires, Elves, Goblins, and Orcs is coming to an end. Now the once calm and tranquil world is shrouded in deception and corruption. Dark secrets now tear at the fabric of their alliance, giving way to an evil that stirs in the shadows. Exhilarating and utterly gripping, the HAVEN series is an action packed journey full of mystery, suspense, magic and intrigue. 

To learn more about the author: D.C.Akers
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