Keeping clean with Dial soap #Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the new Dial Deep Cleansing Liquid Hand Soaps. Dial has been around for 65 years and my family has used their products before and we currently use other Dial products. This was a great opportunity for myself and my family. 

I was sent the Water Blossoms and the Coconut Lime Verbena. I was also able to find them out in the stores. I wish I would have been able to find the Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar but nowhere in my area have I had any luck. Hopefully I will run into some out and about.

Water Blossoms and Coconut
 Lime Verbena 

Any parent knows kids are messy. And germs love to go back and forth! The kids are on the go constantly, both in and outside the house so keeping them clean is a must! Even if they are just inside hanging out playing games, doing school stuff, or being crafty. With allergies running a muck around here lately too, it seems I am constantly on them to wash their hands. The kids are usually really good with washing their hands, luckily, but with the Dial Deep Cleansing Soap, it makes it that much easier. They love the tiny micro scrubbers and that they can see them before and as they wash. The girls really liked the smell of the Coconut Verbena, which is great because it is in their bathroom and it matches the kids bathroom decor perfect!

 Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap!My husband also works outside and when he gets home he needs something that works and gets his hands clean. I have gotten into the habit of making him wash his hands as soon as he gets home but the soaps we have used just don't cut it. I hate hand prints on everything and my husband is worse than the kids when it comes to that. His hands get super dirty at work and if he doesn't get them completely clean then I find hand and fingerprints on just about anything he is around. Whenever he goes to get a drink from the fridge, I find dirty fingerprints on the handle. Or if he goes in or out, locks the front door, even after he washes his hands with the soap we had, it did not get all the yuck off. Dial Deep Cleansing Soap actually works.Those little micro scrubbers work wonders! It does not get all the dirt off but it does a way better job than the previous brands we have used, even some of the other Dial products we have used. I am a fan of the Water Blossoms, so it is in the kitchen because that's where I am the most.

Overall: The product does what it says it does....deep cleans and moisturizes. The scent is just enough and matches its name well. The Water Blossoms make me think of water lilies. In the Coconut Lime Verbena, I think I could smell of the citrus. It is not overpowering and it does not linger too long. The micro scrubbers are effective and not harsh at all. The products we tried/used were great for the kids and the adults. You don't need to much for it to work, so it has lasted a good amount of time, considering there are 7 of us in the household on a day to day. Next on the list is going to be the Power Scrub Deep Down Cleansing for the boys of the house. 

Dial Deep Cleansing Liquid Hand Soap 
To learn more about Dial and other great products visit their website here


  1. I always encourage kids to wash their hands while singing the ABCs. It keeps them on track.

  2. Having your husband wash as soon as he walks in is a time saver for sure and these soaps sound scrumptious even tho they are for deep cleaning!

  3. I love dial hand soap! We use the bar soap here as well, they leave us smelling ooh so good.

  4. These sound like they smell wonderful!

  5. That is a great idea Barbara to use the ABC's. My kids get distracted so easily when washing hands! We use Dial in our home. Havent tried these scents though! Will have to check them out next time I am at the store. Coconut Lime sounds awesome!


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