Mending Series Week 3 #UpcycleTradingCompany


Week 3 was supposed to be patchwork and surface fixes but since Little Miss is the only person there every week the instructor decided to do something a little more advanced. Tierney got to use a sewing machine! We found one on Craigslist, an older Janome, that we had picked up the weekend prior, and she used it a few times at home, but she was not too familiar with the ins and outs as of then. They ended up making a small square pillow. AWESOME! She was so happy with herself. I am glad she is liking this whole sewing thing and hoping she sticks with it.
Tierneys machine! And her little sewing area is coming along with all her accessories. 

In our new weekly tradition, we stopped at JoAnns after the class and picked up some more fabrics and this time Tierney got some fabric to make Emmaleigh a Little Mermaid dress. 

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