3 Test Taking Tips for Parents #FCAT #FLVS

Today is the day here in Pinellas County, FCAT testing starts this morning. 
Glenn and Ben both have to go in to the middle school from 9:30 am - 11 am to take the test. I stress every year because of these tests. I usually stress for no reason because every year they take it they come out saying it was easy and when the results come back they do great. Still it is stressful. All the work they do throughout the year makes no difference if they do not pass the FCATs.  
I am on the fence with the tests, I understand the reason for them. I understand the state wanting the kids to all be on the same level and them being able to see where kids are. The problem in that is that all kids do not learn the same. All kids do not test the same. Even though kids are in the same grades does not mean they are learning the same thing and at the same pace. Schools try to teach kids to be their own person but they want them all to be the same. Go Figure!
This test puts alot of pressure on the kids and their families for the time leading up to the tests, up until the reports are sent out and available weeks later. I think the schools should focus more on the work the kids are doing throughout the year and not base everything on these few days of testing. 

Here are a few tips for FLVS parents on taking the test at an on site location:

1. Contact the school ahead of time. They should have your child(rens) information already. For us they did not because we moved in December and Connections Academy took a few months to get the kids information switched. I did call ahead of time to verify the dates and times of testing. When we went in though there we no issues with anything. I took the form Connections sent us for each of the boys and just had to fill out the contact sheet. 

2. Be positive. Try not to stress your child(ren) out. Try not to make it seem like the world will end if they do not do well on this test. Yes, their grade advancement does, for the most part, rely on this test, but there are other things that can be done to advance. I have not had personal issues with the kids failing FCAT but I did have a friend who has a child that did not pass it and they advanced him but made him do extra math and reading this year. Let them know that you understand the test is stressful and it is important but do it in a positive way. 

3. Be on time. Don't wait till the last minute to get up and out the door. Make sure there is enough time for breakfast and for your child(ren) to fully wake up without rushing. Arrive at the school on time, or a few minutes early, just in case there is paperwork for you to fill out. I had to fill out a contact form for each of the boys this morning. 

For more information on homeschool options check your school district website. Ours is Pinellas County School District. 
For more information on Connections Academy please visit their website HERE
For more information on Florida Virtual you can visit them HERE


  1. Great and very useful tips!

  2. few days of testing for a whole a year of hardwork doesnt sound interesting at all! happy to be reading all your tips!

    1. It is definitely not fun! I hate that all the pressure for the year is put on a few days of testing.

  3. Thank you for the useful tips.

  4. Thank you for sharing these tips.


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