Are you a member of Crowdtap? #blogging

I signed  up with Crowdtap about a year ago but wasn't really active until a few months ago. I must say I am very happy with their service. It is so easy to sign up and you can earn gift cards and host brand/product parties.
Back in November I had received a package from Hidden Valley through them. Honestly I had no idea where it had come from until I did a little back tracking. Since then I log on every few days and complete "quickhits" that earn me points towards gift cards they give away every month. Last month I won a $5 Amazon gift card from Hidden Valley and Kleenex. For February I won a $25 Sephora gift card as well as 3 $5 Amazon gift cards from Kellogg's, Verizon, and Taco Bell Sauce Squad.
It is definitely worth the few minutes every few days to earn some free gift cards! Take a minute and stop over on their site or visit them on Facebook for more information and to sign up.


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