But I'm not even sure... #TheBlogDare

'Before you ask which way to, go remember where you've been'<3 Stay Awake by All Time Low I think this would be  a meaningful tattoo! Not just something random to get, ya know?....what direction to go. Some days I am all 'gung ho' 'I am going to do this...that...and whatever' and then there are days when I wish I could find more guidance in where I am supposed to go. Like most, I have made my fair share of mistakes in the past and with some of decisions I have made. But then you wonder, "well if I hadn't done that I wouldn't be here." A cycle of questions that go around and around. I have decisions I want to make for my future but the direction I want to go in is terribly different than where I am now. I have asked for a little help in guidance, from those upstairs, and what direction I am supposed to go in to avoid any more terribly wrong decisions. But then I start to think I get answers and question if it is the right thing or if I am somehow being tested. UGH its horrible! Some say "do what you think is best" or "follow your heart'" and I am trying that, I have tried those and this is where I am. I just wish there was a clear way to get clear answers. 

Which way to go?


  1. I know that feeling! But forward progress is forward progress (at least that's what I tell myself!)

  2. We only can make decisions based on our current knowledge and resources we have available to us. (Unless you know you are making bad choices in that moment) We learn from mistakes and move forward and grow from it. Stay focused on what you want and move towards that rather than focusing on the past where you don't want to be. Focus on what you want. Focus on moving forward. Focus on progressing.


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