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I was able to get ahold of some tickets for the upcoming, DisneyNature's Bears. Luckily I got 4 so I took the 2 babies, Garrett and Emmaleigh, and Tierney. It was supposed to start at 10 am and we left just after 8:30 am. I thought for sure there would be a pretty decent line since the night I went to the screening of Oculus it was out the door. Oddly, for it being a Disney movie, a kid movie, and a free event there was not much of a crowd. Maybe because it was early on a Saturday. Whatever the case, I am not complaining. I was worried the past few days that we would  not get it.

The movie started out with the opening scene of snow covered Alaska. Awesome! Garrett was amazed at the mountains and how big they seemed. He was in awe for most of the beginning of the movie with the avalanche. The picture quality was definitely amazing. It is crazy what digital technology is capable of as far as documentaries go. The ability to get so close to these animals and the landscapes. Other than the animals, the outdoors is amazing. There is so much detail in the whole movie. 
As the story goes, winter is about to end and the camera captures the life of SKY, a first time mom, to AMBER and SCOUT. It follows them on their first year of life. She is a patient character but strong and knows the possible dangers ahead. She is giant and gentle. 
AMBER and SCOUT are the cubs. AMBER is very laid back and close with her mother. She tends to follow SKY more so than SCOUT. He on the other hand is full of adventure and likes to wander. I have a son like that, Ben. He likes to get into things and enjoys wandering off and finding things. They both bond with SKY throughout the movie and you can see how bears in general are with their parents. There were some really funny moments told by the narrator, John C. Reilly, when it comes to the cubs and some of their 'thoughts' throughout their adventure. I could definitely relate to SKY when she has to stop and wait for the cubs to catch up or when she looks for them because they are out and about too far. 
The movie then goes into the trials and tribulations of being a bear, of being a mother, and of being a cub in a new world. All the sounds and scents, new and old. The journey takes you to locations SKY had been on previous years. The journey SKY takes is the same journey she went on as a cub. 
The movie introduces other characters like CHINOOK. He is a very large bear and is in an ongoing challenge with MAGNUS, another very large(r) bear. They are in different locations along with SKY, SCOUT, and AMBER.  When the larger bears started to fight Em did close her eyes. It was not terribly scary but for a 4 year old, she just wasn't sure what the outcome was going to be. TIKANNI is the lone wolf out looking for food. He seems to find himself where the cubs are and on the prowl. 
There is a raven in the movie. The raven tries to show SKY the way she needs to go to get to the Golden Pond. There are moments where you don't really know if they will reach their destination. You are unsure of how the story will actually end. And on that note, you must see the movie to learn the outcome of all the characters. 

The movie is set in Alaska and follows the bears from the end of winter through the spring, summer and back to winter. The bears must face different fears and obstacles on their journey. The characters in the story, the animals, are all on the same journey with different paths. They are all trying to reach the salmon run before it is time to head into hibernation. 

Like true Disney fashion, the movie had me on the emotional edge. There were moments that were sad but understandably so. There were also moments of surprise and awe. 
The cameras get so close to these animals and you can kind of feel like you are right there with them. The movie itself was just the right amount of time, in my opinion. It was long enough to hold our interest but not too long to where it ran out of story.  

Release Date: April 18, 2014    Rated: G
Cast: Sky, Scout, Amber, Chinook, Magnus, Tikanni and the Raven 
Directed by:  Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey 
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Disclosure: I received free tickets from SeeItNow to attend the screening. The review was not asked for or required. It is fully personally done and opinions are all honest and my own. 


  1. It sounds like classic Disney. I used to love those shows way back when.

  2. Just got back from seeing this with my girls and it was fantastic!


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