DIY Rainbow Loom #Pinterest

DIY Rainbow Loom 

We have rainbow looms of all colors and smells, yes smells,.....EVERYWHERE! Tierney got a ton of rainbow looms and smaller kits for her birthday in October and then more at Christmas. We also just received a nice box of them from, Rainbow Braid, a company that sells looms and refill kits, for an upcoming review. So with all these bands around you would think she had the actually loom.... no! For whatever reason, when we are out at the store I never really think to grab one, and neither has she. Thanks to the craftiness of Pinterest I have been able to find some basic instructions on how to make our own. It is actually pretty simple and you can paint the wood for the looming to match bedroom decor or have the kids paint it first. We went with just a plain wood, she wants to paint it but isn't sure what color yet.

And here's how it goes....
Items you need: 
1 piece of wood. Approximately 11-12 inches long by 5 inches wide. We picked up a piece for $1.00 out of the scrap cut offs at Lowes.
30 nails with a larger head. It is easier for the bands to stay on the nails with the larger heads, but not too large that it snags them or breaks them. The head is about the circumference of a pencil. The package we got had 50 and was only $1.50.
Hammer. Ruler. And my trusty Sharpie, or any marker/pen to make dots for holes.

How to build: 
Mark spots for holes. 
     1st row - up 1" and every inch for 10"
     2nd row - up 1 1'2" and every inch for 10"
     3rd row - up 1" and every inch for 10"
     -the 1st and 3rd rows should match up and each of the 3 rows are 1" width wise apart-
Hammer nails where spots are marked.

THAT'S IT! You have a DIY Rainbow Loom for less than $3.00


  1. I might just make this for my daughter. I had bought her a rainbow loom, but a couple pegs have broken off and I don't want to buy another.

    1. It is definitely less expensive and very easy to make.

  2. Good job. Now we need to see some creations.

  3. So easy and cheap! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What A Great Idea My Girls Will Love Thank You!

  5. This is awesome! I think that this could entertain for hours and hours...

  6. My little girl will like this rainbow loom. She is into crafts and stuff. She will have fun with this :-) Thank you for sharing :-)

  7. I really love the idea of how people makes simple stuff very creative! Will share this on my pinterest page :)

  8. I remember using something like this in elementary school. My daughter is a little you but I'm sure she'll love something like this one day!

  9. This is cool that you can make your own loom. I have boys so I have no idea about making these though

  10. This is awesome, what a great idea. Thanks

  11. What a great craft idea and I can see it would render many busy hours doing this. I'd also love to see some of the creations you can make with this!


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