Fresh Express 30 Day Salad Swap #MomsMeet

I love salads! They are quick, easy, and can be customized for each of the kids as well as myself. When Moms Meet offered the opportunity to partner up with Fresh Express for a 30 Day Salad Swap I was in!
Albacore Tuna Nicoise with Tarragon Vinaigrette
Albacore Tuna Nicoise with
Tarragon Vinaigrette 
Once you sign up for the swap and you log in you are taken to your dashboard. On the dashboard you see an overview of the calories you have used as well as what you have left for the day. There is also a spot for your Total Rewards and a Weight Tracker. On the left side of the board you have all your options: adding food, salad swap, recipes, exercise, weight, and a way to add in your purchase codes. The set up of the site is very easy to navigate, it is all right there in front of you. If you are looking for a way to lose a little weight or just eat more salads, this is the way to go!
Chicken with Simple Lemon Vinaigrette

A few of the recipes we really all enjoyed were the Chicken with Simple Lemon Vinaigrette Salad and the Albacore Tuna Nicoise with Tarragon Vinaigrette. They were both really easy and the kids all could add things they liked to their own. 

Our favorite kit
-Fresh Express Caesar Kit-

When you sign up for the salad swap you are eligible to earn coupons. All you have to do it enter the code found on your Fresh Express salad/bag into you Salad Swap account, and that's it. Your account will track all the purchases you make and notify you when your coupons are ready. 
For every two bags you enter (up to 14 in 30 days), you get an email with the coupon. If you enter 15 salad bag codes within 30 days after you sign up you will get $50 in coupons to use throughout the year. 

Img gallery01
And there's an app!!! 
The Fresh Express Salad Swap app, which comes in handy when I didn't have time to be at the computer to actually look recipes up or enter codes, etc. 
The app allows you to do everything you can do online. 
- Access the full library of Fresh Express recipes. 
-Track meals, calories, activities, and more. 
- Save money by inputting your Fresh Express salad codes.

Now, if you are ready to learn more about Fresh Express, the Salad Swap, or Moms Meet please feel free to follow the links below! 

Moms Meet

Disclosure:: I received the product above for free from Moms Meet, who received it from the manufacturer. I agreed to use the product and post my honest opinion on my blog. 


  1. What a comprehensive system! Thanks for the info, I am excited to look into it!

  2. I think I'll sign up for the salad swap, especially since I buy Fresh Express Salad bags regularly. Those recipes look delish - especially the Albacore Tuna Nicoise. Yum!

  3. Salad Swap is a terrific idea. I love me some chicken alfredo.. I'll have to try it's swap :) Thank you!

  4. I am definitely going to look into this as I need to eat more salads and we love the Fresh Express!


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