The Great American Milk Drive

Feeding America
We, as a family of 7, go through a TON of milk....a TON! So when I saw this campaign I wanted to share it, hopefully to get some donations and awareness. 
Right now, 1 in every 6 Americans face hunger. Many of them rely on nutrition assistance and their local food banks. More than 12 millions families need help with good EVERYDAY! These families are missing out on the important nutrients found in milk. It is one of the top requested items but rarely donated to food banks. Milk Life is partnering with Feeding America to launch The Great American Milk Drive. It is national campaign to get milk for millions of hungry families. Through Feeding America, there have been more than 23,220 gallons DONATED so far!! Any donation is better than no donation! 

To learn how you can donate or about the project in general please visit : Milk Life
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This is the sad truth. Not many want to admit to hunger issues and not many see it. 


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