Eco Friendly Fencing #infographic

With it being summer alot of us, including us here, are outside more often. More dinners on the grill, more playin in the water and in the pool, more kids running around outside, more games of tag, more gardening, and more SUMMER! All that extra outdoor times usually has us looking around at the yard, what we can do to make it better, nicer, more efficient. Fencing is a huge must for us. We have 5 kids plus 2 dogs that love to run around. Love to play and love to be outdoors. We need a fence that will last. Something sturdy and something that looks great. Right now we have the regular metal fence but are looking at replacing it. Granted we are renting but we still have to be here so we might as well make it decent. 
Here is a little infographic to make picking out  your next fence a little easier. A few eco friendly options to get you on your way. 

What’s Hot: Eco-Friendly Fencing [INFOGRAPHIC] #fencing


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