4 July Activites for Kids #July #crafts

Its JULY! It is also hot out here already. That means we don't always want to be outside. I try to find different activites to keep the kids busy and still learning through the summer months.
Here are some finds for J.U.L.Y. 

J - Jellyfish 
This is a simple craft for kids of all ages. Younger kids might need a little help with the scissors but overall its fun and educational. For complete instructions, visit PBS

U - Umbrella 
Mama Jenn has a TON of activites for kids. I found this super cute, super easy, umbrella craft. We will be adding some glitter to our raindrops here! 

L- Ladybug
Make your way over to Family Crafts for ladybug rocks. There are super simple and will look great on a windowsill or outside in the garden. The younger kids pick up rocks all the time when we are out so we have TONs available for this. 

Y - Yellow 
The sun is always out here. Well, most of the time, even when its raining. We love the outdoors and we love spending hours at the beach. Create a cute yellow suncatcher for any window with this simple craft from Spoonfuls Of Art


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