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I was lucky enough to get passes for Earth to Echo this evening. My youngest son, Garrett, has been wanting to see this movie and reminds me everytime he sees something on the tv or online about it. 
So lets see, about the movie. 
The movie starts out following a group of friends that are about to move away from each other. It's not just them, but the whole town is moving. The movie is mainly shot through the lens and cameras of the characters so it does being technology and a YouTube feel into it. The last night the kids spend together they receive odd signals on their phones. The signals and signs they are receiving end up being a map that takes them on a journey where they find Echo and it reveals the rest of the movie. I don't want to give too much away as far as the plot goes but it is non stop adventure. I don't necessarily agree with the kids decisions to wander off for a night on their own but it does add to the suspense. While watching I think there could have been a better way to write the story line as far as that goes. Either they (the kids) could have stayed closer to home or had a parent, or even older sibling, available and knew what was kind of going on. I honestly did not care for the crew and how they acted towards the kids. It was a bit harsh in some areas but it fit with the storyline for the most part. 
I wish some of the scenes would have had a little more detail. During the movie, these families are all having to move away, ok fine, but the last part of the movie, which I don't want to give away, could have had a different ending. I think when the big discovery at the end was over the families should have been made aware of what was going on or maybe made it so they didn't have to move, something else than what it was. 

I have compared the movie to a modern day ET with a dose of Poltergeist. The way the movie is played out feels a little like ET, to me anyways. The kids trying to get away from the crews of workers and save Echo made me think it was similar to ET. Then there is the moving part and how the town is built on foreign items, which brought me to Poltergeist aspect. Overall it was a good movie. I think honestly, it would be better for an older age group. My youngest 2 are 4 and 6 and were able to follow along but not as well as the older kids, Tierney and Ben who are 10 and 12. 

Overall, it was a good movie. Interesting and fairly easy to follow along. Again, I think it is more for an older age range but still family friendly for all. 

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Release Daate: July 2, 2014     Rated: PG
Cast: Teo Halm, Brian 'Astro' Bradley, Ella Wahlestedt, and Reese Hartwig
Screenplay: Henry Gayden 

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  1. Love the classic like ET & Poltergeist-- I'll have to take my nephew to see this.

  2. Having read your review, I will definitely be taking our two little ones to go and see Echo next week!

  3. My kids loved it! I was out of town so I can't say. My husband had a hard time adjusting to the "found footage" shaky camera, but he liked it too. Thanks for the review!