5 Tips for Back To School Mornings #BTS

I am not ready to face the back to school reality yet. I know it is only a few weeks away but I am trying to enjoy the days off still. I do want to share 5 of our family Back to School Morning Tips to hopefully simplify mornings for you, and us! 
I am homeschooling 3 of the kids this year. I was able to get Tierney into a good school this coming fall so I left it up to her on whether she would be going back or at home. It is still up in the air as of now. We are going to an open house at the school in mid-August and she can make the final decision then. She loves school and enjoys the friends and everyday routine of things. 
Anyways, here are some tips to (hopefully) help a bit. 
TIP #1     Morning Routine Printable.      I have had these in the kids rooms for a few years now and it does help. It is a simple way for the kids to know what is expected of them in the mornings. I found this one on Pinterest and just used contact paper to attach them to the wall. I printed one out for the girls and one for the boys. 

TIP #2     Alarm Clocks.      Every year before school starts I let the kids pick out new alarm clocks and we donate ours to back to school drives. Occasionally they have kept them for longer than a year if it was something they were really in to but for the most part we go every year when its time to shop for back to school. It is a MUST to have a good, working alarm clock. I set the kids to go off about 10/15 minutes before they actually need to be up.  
Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock,...
Gun and Target Alarm Clock

Hello Kitty AM-FM Stereo Alarm Clock...
Hello Kitty Alarm Clock
Disney Toy Story Alarm Clock Radio
Buzz Lightyear Alarm Clock
TIP #3     Message Center.     There is a table right inside the door that has bins for each kid and hooks for backpacks and jackets. There is also a calendar where we keep track of day to day activities, in and out of school. I love this idea, with the pictures of each kid so this might be our project for this coming year. 

TIP #4     Lunches. I don't pack lunch everyday but a few times a week. When I do I try to keep it all ready for the kids. I stock up sandwiches, snacks, drinks, fruits, and veggies on the middle shelf of the fridge in a little dollar store, plastic container and let the kids choose what they want for the day. Makes for less chaos and makes it a decision that they can make on their own. Good Housekeeping has a great post on how to get all the goods your kids need for the week here

TIP #5     Keep it simple!     It really is as simple as that. I have kids that are in public and homeschool and I try to keep the routines pretty much the same, with the exception of learning times and playtimes, they all wake up and do mornings together. They all know what is expected and what they need to do when they wake up. 

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  1. I can't belive it's almost time for them to go back to school! Looks like you are organzied and ready for it :)

  2. Those are some great tips. I'm about to become a stay at home mom so need all the tips I can get right now. Before I was out the door before the kids went to school now it's going to be so much different.

  3. way to go for being so organized! I love your tips.

  4. Great tips and awesome organization. My son is only 3, but we will be doing preschool this year. And keeping it simple is great!

  5. Great tips! I think some people just overthink things and don't plan ahead and get way more stressed out than it should be. :)

  6. Wow, excellent organizing! I love the printables, such a great idea!

  7. Great tips! My favorite is definitely the message centre. It looks so organized and helpful!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  8. My biggest time saver is taking clothes out the night before. We havse a month to go before we're back to school but summer is flying by, it makes me sad.

  9. I love these cute and simple ideas! I think kids would love to follow these cute back to school motivations. The alarm clock idea is so cute! Great post!

  10. I love these ideas! I can't believe it's that time again already!

  11. These are fantastic ideas. I really can't choose which idea I like the best!

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