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As a part of a BzzAgent campaign, I was invited to try Iams Smart Puppy. 
The pups LOVE when I get to review stuff for them. They love to play and they especially love to eat!  We got to try the Iams Pro Active, Smart Puppy puppy chow. I got the package and went over to Walmart to pick it up. The product was easy to find. Iams is a well known brand and we have been using them for years now.
Our "puppies" are actually 1 and 2 but they still think they are puppies. It is recommended for small and medium puppies, up to 12 months. The nutrition and ingredients in the Smart Puppy is perfect for growing pups. Iams Smart Puppy raises your pup's training potential with essential DHA for strong brain development, making his year of firsts a happy one. 
Iams Pro Active Smart Puppy contains no dyes, artificial flavors, or added sugars which is great! Ours dogs tend to sneak food every now and again from the kids so I like to make sure what I am feeding them is better for them than other dog foods out there. I don't want them eating junk and then paying for it later with health and weight issues. The Iams Smart Puppy is a great mixture of chicken, corn meal, vitamins and whole grain. 

Meet the Reviewers: Molly and Pixie 
Molly we have had since she was about 7 weeks old. She was in a liter and they just didn't have the time and space for all of them. She is a lab mix and now about 3 years old. She loves attention and loves to follow the kids around to play and grab whatever they drop on the floor. She is very lovable and playful. We call her puppy even though she has an actual name. 

Pixie is a rottweiler that we got from an abandoned home about 8 months ago. She is about a year and half. She is a big baby! A huge puppy! And she barks like she is fierce but really not so much. She is also very lovable and playful. She is a big big baby most of the time. 

As far as the actual review goes, the dogs loved it. They had no issues with switching foods. We didn't do a full swap at first, we gradually added it to their current food so they could transition without any tummy issues. I have since purchased more Iams dog food but I went up a level with the Iams Pro Active, Large Breed dog food. We again, transitioned them from one to the other gradually. We are planning adding a newer addition this Christmas and will be buying some of the Iams Pro Active Smart Puppy again. 

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Disclosure: Our family, including our pups, did receive the product(s) for free. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 

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