What Was The Last Thing You Were Looking For Online? #BESociety


There is a writing challenge going on over at Blogging Empire Society. I am going to attempt to go through the whole month of August. Please feel free to stop over and link up. You can also stop on over at Twitter using #BEaugchallenge14 #BESociety

Today is August 9th and the challenge is "What was the last thing you were looking for online? Why were you looking for it?

I was just searching Pinterest for some Homeschool printables. I found a TON! And of course, I can never go wander Pinterest, find what I want, and leave. I found TONS of other things. Crafts and things for the house, outdoor things for the kids, and more ways to cook this and that then I have time for. I always seem to start to close the 10 bazillion tabs I have open and then something catches my attention and back I am...its like a vicious cycle. 

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