What Would You Say To The First Person.... #BESociety


There is a writing challenge going on over at Blogging Empire Society. I am going to attempt to go through the whole month of August. Please feel free to stop over and link up. You can also stop on over at Twitter using #BEaugchallenge14 #BESociety

Today is August 3rd and the challenge is "What would you say to the first person that broke your heart?"

This may sound a bit crazy but I don't think I have ever really let anyone in enough to really break my heart. I have had grandparents pass and my mother and those were huge in my life and those caused terrible heartbreak. That is a heartbreak that can not compare to any relationships I have been in since then. I was only 9 when my gramma passed so ever since then I have pretty much kept out as much as possible. I learned that when people leave that life goes on. There is nothing and no one that can change that. It is a hard fact but it is the truth. People sadly, and unfortunately, come and go. 

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