Kickball After Dark #familyfun

During the year the kids and I will go outside after sundown and play around outside. Sometimes its a simple evening by the fire pit, sometimes its a late night trip to a park for some rollerblading, and sometimes the kids are running around the yard with Nerf guns or water balloons filled with miscellaneous stuff. It's something fun for them, it's something different, and I try to do it totally unexpectedly. As I was thinking about things to do outside, I came across Nighttime Kickball over at Happy Home Fairy and I can not wait to do this! It sounds like an awesome night out with some simple fun! 

Here are the basics of kickball
You will need 4 objects to use as bases and a playground ball. 
Object: Similar to baseball, players stand at the kickers mound and kick the ball. Players kick the ball and run around bases without being tagged.
Set Up: Set up bases similar to baseball. Divide kids/family into 2 teams. Toss a coin to determine who is kicking first. Determine who will be the pitcher and the rest of the team heads out to the field. 
How to Play: The pitcher stands on the pitching mound and rolls the ball to the kicker. The kicker kicks the ball into the outfield and runs to first base, second, third, and home if they can make it....without being tagged. Field players must tag the runner while either carrying the ball or touching them, or throwing it at the runner. If the ball is caught the kicker is out. If a fielder throws a ball and it goes between home and either first or second then it is called a foul. The kicker gets to kick again. 4 fouls = 1 out. 
Play up to a certain limit or whoever reaches a set number. 
This is a great game for all ages. 

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