Welcome September

September is here! This year has flown by and everyone on all aspects of social media are posting and talking about fall. Warm sweaters, autumn leaves, and pumpkin everything! I smell the cinnamon when we enter the stores, I see the posts about fall and the change in seasons. I am already planning tons of pumpkin crafts! I am excited for fall and I started to get caught up in it and then I stopped. I want to take the last bit of summer and actually enjoy it. 

I want to spend more days at the beach. We are lucky enough that we live about 3 minutes from the closest beach and it is never really too cold for at least a walk, but the water fun does not last all year. I want to enjoy the summer sun. I want to enjoy the seemingly endless days out in the heat! I want the kids to enjoy the easy days of doing nothing a little longer. Yes, they are in school already but it is homeschool and part of the positive is being able to make our own schedules. We can take a few hours off here and there. We can take spontaneous trips to the park, to the beach, to explore St Pete. 

Are you taking time to enjoy the rest of summer or have you already started onto fall? 

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