8 Crafts for November

N- Natural Paintbrushes
The kids love to use different objects to paint with. Walking around outside, in the nice cool fall weather is a great way to find natural objects to use to make your own paintbrushes. They are super fun and the kids can make them tiny and large! Visit Learn Create Love for the full tutorial.

O- Ornaments with pressed flowers 
Twig and Toadstoool has this cute pressed flower ornaments. Easy reciepe to follow along with and you can use just about any leaf or flowers found around your area. These make great gifts and can be made as favors for Thanksgiving. 

V- Vase
Tin can vases are simple and everyone has cans around. You can wrap them with burlap, like Little Yellow Barn or paint them. They can be wrapped with twine or ribbons. Each of the kids can make their own. Add "Thanks" for a great Thanksgiving decoration.

E- Easy Suncatchers
Suncathcers are a great way to waste some time. You can make them simple with paper plates and tissue paper, like over on Cute and Peculiar. If you have contact paper around you can apply them directly to the windows.

M- Mantle
Decorating for the holidays is always fun. We like to use store bought and homemade items. Unfortunately we do not have an actual mantle but we do decorate our kitchen half wall as one. This simple to create fall mantle banner, from Restoration Redoux is perfect. Can be handpainted by the kids, or youself!

B- Berry Dough
Here is an easy to make reciepe for Cranberry Dough over on Learn Play Imagine. Just 2 ingredients: cornstarch + cranberries = hours of yummy smelling fun!

E- Edible Paint
Kids love snacks! Kids love to be crafty! So mix the 2 up for some edible painting fun. Head on over to Living Locurto for the recipe and get started on this awesome, edible fun!

R- Rice Eye Spy
Sometimes the simplest of toys can keep kids busy for hours. This easy to make rice eye spy bottle does just that. We made one a few months ago and it sits in the living room for the kids to play with. The bottles can be picked up anywhere, just a simple plastic water bottle. And you can add in any little trinkets or toys. We have a princess one with glitter, little barbie shoes, some rings, and candy makeup. We also have a boy one with mini cars, sticks, rocks, and tiny fake bugs. Meet The Dubiens has one that uses the same water bottle we have.

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