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“Heart On My Sleeve” is a dusky love song that Mary Lambert chose as the title track because she felt it summed up how she approached writing the lyrics on the album. 

My daughter roams around singing Secrets, a well known Mary Lambert song, so when I was offered to do a review of her album I was super excited. She has such an amazing voice. 

As far as this album goes, I loved it! It was full of relate-able lyrics. 

I have to say the song that had the best lyrics that I could relate to was Monochromatic 
(song #8).

When I close my eyes
I dream in color
But my life's in black and white
Will it ever get better
I'm not monochromatic 
Nobody's monochromatic

I suppose alot of us can listen to her songs and think "yeah, that's me," which makes the music even better. In Heart On My Sleeve she talks about being bi-polar and having a dysfunctional family. While my childhood was not really dysfunctional, I can relate to wanting things to be better. 

Overall the album is full of pop and pianos. I loved it and my daughter did as well. Being able to listen to some of the same music as my kids is not always easy, the lyrics are sometimes too old or too much so this was nice to have that opportunity. Being able to listen to the album and not worry about what the kids would hear made it more enjoyable. 

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If you have the album let me know what your favorite song is? 

I was given a full download of the album from One2One Network, however all opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 

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