Sick Babies....good thing Children's Advil is on hand! #review

Emmaleigh was sick over the past few days but feeling much better...a little tummy ache but all gone now. Garrett is now laying around on the couch and not feeling good. He is normally always on the go so for him to be just still is a sign he does not feel good. He also gets the sick eyes so I know right away that he is sick. Since Emmaleigh had just been sick a few days prior I had not gotten much done around the house or as far as anything goes....I spent most of my time next to her, even when she was asleep, to make sure she was ok.

Luckily I had gotten a package from Smiley360 and Children's Advil and had it handy. The goody box came with a small package of tissues, a bottle of Dye-Free Berry flavored Sugar-Free Children's Advil, along with some coupons for future use and sharing of course! 

I love that Children's Advil is Dye-Free. With having 5 kids, I have had my days of sick kids and I don't like to give them colored medicines. If the kids do happen to get sick it just makes a bigger mess. I try to stick with clear liquids until they are feeling better, just to avoid any possible added yuck. 

So why Children's Advil and how does it work? 
What it is: The active ingredient in Children’s Advil® is ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug, also known as NSAID, which is a group of drugs that are sometimes chemically related but share therapeutic similarities such as pain-relief and fever reduction.

How it works to reduce fever: There are certain chemicals in the brain, which cause your body temperature to increase. This is what we recognize as a fever. Ibuprofen helps reduce the production of these chemicals, which lowers body temperature and in turn reduces a fever.
How it works to help pain: Ibuprofen works by blocking certain chemicals that are produced in response to injury, certain diseases and conditions that can cause aches and pains. NSAIDs block the production of these chemicals and are therefore effective at reducing pain, making your child feel more comfortable.

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To learn more about Children's Advil you can visit the website here.
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Disclosure: I did receive the product mentioned above for free from Smiley360. Regardless, my opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 

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