A year to remember... #theblogdare

Thursday December 4, 2014: A year to remember...
....this year has been a year to remember. This time last year we were trying to find a place to move. Our lease had ended in November but our landlord ok'd a month to month but then told us we had to be out by the end of December. We actually moved the week of Christmas. We had no power on Christmas because the power company could not get out here till after the holidays. It was a bit crazy and I felt terribly overwhelmed but we made do. We went out and looked at lights on Christmas Eve, after the kids all got into their jammas. Kids went to bed early, not much to do after dark with no power lol, and once Santa came the kids got up and we had a candlelight Christmas morning. It was fun! The kids got their Christmas which I had been stressing just days before. If I didn't believe in things like Christmas miracles, last year would have proved me wrong. I am very thankful and grateful for those in my life that helped me through that. We were invited over to stay at friends and family but declined. It was the holidays and I did not want to impose on anyone. I am a very "we are fine" type of person so that was how it was. Christmas Day we spent at the beach, which is also something we do just about every year. The holiday season for 2013 was hectic but it was worth it, it was really good. 
What has this past year been like for you?  What makes it a year to remember?

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