Holiday Card Swap

1) What are your best memories about the Holidays?  I have alot of holiday memories. I had to "believe" in Santa till I was about 16. My grampa lived with my mom and I, he would go up on the roof with jingle bells around 3 a.m. so I would wake up to the sounds of Santa. I loved and still love doing all things holiday....decorating, baking, lights, shopping, all things holiday! 

2) Do you have any family traditions you like to follow over the Holiday Season? We usually go look at lights on Christmas Eve. The kids get in the jammas and we go to the bigger houses that night, we save the biggest houses for Christmas Eve. Santa usually comes between 2 and 4 a.m and the kids wake up about 4 to open presents and play a little. They usually go back to sleep for a few hours so it kinda feels like they are sleeping in a bit that day. It gives me time to clean up the aftermath of Christmas morning and get things ready for the day. We watch the parade on Christmas morning. We watch movies and Jingle people throughout the holiday season. Crafts is another big part of the traditions. The kids make an ornament every year. 

3) What’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever got? Hmmmm, I don't think there was one that was the worst. My mom always made sure I got what I wanted and needed. I guess if I had to pick one it would have been in 2001. My mom was in the hospital that year so there really was no Christmas with her. She passed away that Jan so that technically was the last holiday season together. 

 4) What are your favourite holiday movies or books?  I just got a book called The 13th Gift for a review and I ended up really liking it. We watch as many holiday movies as we can. The Polar Express is my youngest sons favorite. Emmaleigh (4) loves The Grinch and quotes him and the movie all year round. I just did a post on 10 of our favorite movies earlier this month. 

 5) If you could ask Santa for any material present for this Christmas, what would it be? A newer Durango would be nice. A bigger house with a little more space for the kids. If you're gonna wish, it might as well be big right? lol.

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