Portable NorthPole is OPEN #Santa

The Portable NorthPole is open and ready to send your kids a personalized video message. The kids called Santa last night and left him a message with their wishes for this year. Tonight they are going to get their message from Santa. The babies love this concept and the older kids are good about joining in the fun as well. 
The process is very easy, just fill out your child's information, name, birthday, gift wish, and then you have the option of adding a picture as well. Once you are done with the questions, the message generates and is saved into the parent account. So head on over to PNP and get started. 


Download the FREE Portable North Pole mobile app to personalize video messages, receive calls from Santa, or watch or share your videos on mobile. Get it now on Google Play and Itunes
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Whenever you purchase a personalized gift from Santa, PNP donates a portion of the sale to the Children’s Hospital closest to you.

Has your little one gotten any messages from Santa yet this year? 

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