Scotties® on hand for the winter sniffles #review

So far the winter here has been cold and then not so much. We are used to it though. When it starts to get chilly though, the runny noses and sniffles begin. Luckily we had a Scotties review to get done so I had some tissues on hand. My oldest daughter constantly has tissues with her so for the review I let her give me her opinion and thoughts on the products. 
The Scotties tissues we received were 2-ply, which if I remember correctly is what we normally get anyways. I buy 3-ply when the kids are really sniffling around the house. I love the ones with aloe that keep the red noses away. 
So here is Tierney's review: 
The tissues were soft. They really came in handy around bedtime and the small box made it easy to keep in bed or next to it. The tissues were durable and left "no fluffy" on her face. The box lasted a good amount of time and afterwards it was used to hold small plastic bags for her desk trash can. 

Not only do they provide us with a healthy product, they provide the environment with new trees! 

From the site: "OUR TREE PLANTING PROMISE: "We plant three trees for every one we use to produce Scotties products."
Scotties products are made from new wood fibres of trees from J.D. Irving, Limited’s forests. As part of J.D. Irving, Limited’s commitment to responsible forest management, J.D. Irving, Limited plants seedlings every spring and summer to reforest the woodlands. In the past 50+ years, J.D. Irving, Limited has planted over 927 million trees. Since 2001, J.D. Irving’s forests have been certified by The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (“SFI”). Our promise is: “We plant three trees for every one we use to produce Scotties products.” This means that three seedlings will be planted in the spring and summer for every one used to produce Scotties products the previous year. The number of trees planted will be based on the estimated number of trees used to generate the fibre to make Scotties products sold the previous year. The calculation of the number of seedlings and the plantings will be verified by KPMG’s certified auditors. That means you can feel good about buying Scotties."

You can find more products and brand info on the Scotties®  website.  'Like' Scotties on Facebook for coupons and up to date product information. 
Stop by and say hello to the kittens while you are there. 

Disclosure: I did receive the product mentioned above for free from Smiley360. Regardless, my opinions and thoughts are my own and honest. 

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