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Clairol - Hair Food Moisturizing Hair Mask -6.3 Oz
Clairol - Hair Food Moisturizing Hair Mask -6.3 Oz

I had the opportunity to review Hair Food by Clairol thanks to Influenster in the recent Moda VoxBox. For the review I used the product as directed. You don't need alot of the product for it to work well and it is a 1 step process, which I love because I don't have a ton of time to set aside for hair care and maintenance.
After the 1st use my hair was smoother and more manageable. I have very thick hair and after using the Hair Food I was able to brush through it much easier.
No reside and did not leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy. Just more manageable and smooth.
I have also used this product on my daughters hair and will continue to use it. It worked great, especially on my youngest daughters hair.
5/5 Stars!
Clairol - Hair Food Moisturizing Hair Mask -6.3 Oz - $25.95, Free shipping - Available at Marketplace

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