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 tsū is a new social media network. It's like Facebook and Twitter mixed with a little of Instagram
From the sitetsū is a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenues with its users.  (tsū is pronounced ‘Sue’)
In order to become a member you have to be invited. You then sign up and connect your other social media accounts and you have a news feed similar to Facebook. I am not honestly sure how well or how fast the network will grow but it's better to sign up and be there before everyone else. I remember when Instagram started and I was posting pics before it was popular and I ended up taking a little break from it a few months in just because it wasn't so busy. 
So a little more about tsū....

To get an invite just head on over here: 

Find me over on tsū , here

tsū tip: Grow your Tree to increase your influence on tsū and boost your monetization. 

Are you a member of tsū? Leave your link in the comments below.

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