Without a trace of... #theblogdare

Wednesday December 3, 2014: Without a trace of...
....sleep last night, we are up and ready to start the day. Not sure why I wasn't able to sleep, some nights are easier than others. Insomnia is very normal for me. I have always been a night owl. I don't mind it so much but sometimes it doesn't help with my motivation levels. 
This is so me! I am always thinking about something. My mind is always on, even when I am relaxed or sleeping. Sometimes I do wish I could just turn it off, at the same time alot of my clarity comes from late night thoughts. I tend to stay up later than anyone else because it is really the only quiet time I get. Kids are in bed, husband is in bed, dogs are all asleep so its quiet and I try to take advantage of that...next thing I know it is like 3am. 
Do you have insomnia? Do you do anything to try to sleep? 

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