2015 Fortune Foretelling #2015

Fortune Foretelling in 2015
Horses finally get past their bad fortune from 2014, the year of their birth, and welcome a comparatively good year. They can anticipate good fortune in all aspects throughout the year in 2015, the Year of the Sheep. They are given more opportunities at work and can expect a promotion. For those who intend to change jobs, this is a fortunate year. To make some wise investments in stock and real estate, horse people may make great profits. In addition, businesspeople, the working-class and the self-employed people all have the luck to earn much money.

Career: Everything will go smoothly with horse people at work. Their boss or leaders will start to attach more importance to their job performance and they can always get along well with their colleagues. Except that they may make great achievements in their jobs, they will welcome a promotion within this year. By contrast, males are given more chances than females, but they should be satisfied with what they have achieved. Females are suggested not to change a job. People born in the last four months of a horse year are recommended to start their business or cooperate with others and they may achieve an inspiring success. Meanwhile, they should keep a low profile in case of being trapped or cheated.

Wealth: Good wealthy luck will happen to horses. As long as they work hard, they will welcome a salary rise from their full and part-time jobs especially in the second half of the year, when they should consider making a smart investment. No speculation is suggested and lottery should just be regarded as a recreational activity. It is unadvisable to lend money to others, or they won’t get it back.

Relationships: They will enjoy great fortune in their love life. Singles should participate in more group activities where they may meet their true love. The affections between lovers will be deeper. They keep a happy relationship and marriage is about to take place in 2015. Couples will have a stable relationship. If they are more tolerant of each other, they will live a happier life. Horse people will be popular with others this year, so they should seize all chances to make friends or cooperate with others. Consequently, they may achieve success.

Health: They may have minor illnesses like cold and fever, but they will recover soon. In daily life, they should take enough rest, because it is easy to get sick with a heavy workload. Females should make regular physical examinations to avoid any gynecological disease. Extreme sports should be avoided when traveling or doing other outdoor activities. Besides, the heart attack, skin diseases and eye diseases may happen. The elderly should keep a healthy diet and should pay attention to their blood pressure.

Study: Generally, their study performance is better than the last year, but they still need to study hard. In 2015, procrastination occasionally occurs, both for regular homework and preparation for exams. Horse students should attach importance to this bad side.

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