2015 Resolution: Do Good Deeds #deedaday

With the new year there are new resolutions......walk more, eat less, save more money, travel more, do good, get organized, the list goes on. I have a good list of things I want to do this year. Travel, blog better, photo challenges, get organized, and do more for others are some of the things on my list. 
Giving back does not have to be something well planned, it does not have to be extravagant. 
Sometimes the smallest things mean the most!

Make a resolution to do a #DeedADay for others. Karma FTW!

I am going to share a few ways to do something good. These are just simple things you can do to
1. Leave change on the toy/candy machine in the store.
2. Give cookies to the mailman. 
3. Pay for the person behind you at the store or next time you get coffee. 
4. Leave simple notes around town, on cars, in mailboxes. 
5. Donate crayons or art supplies to a children's shelter. 
6. Carry someones groceries and help them load them into their car. 
7. Pick up litter at the park or beach. 
8. Leave a gas card at the pump. 
9. Buy balloons and hand them out to random children. 
10. Leave unused coupons next to items at the store. 
11. Drop off unused clothes, blankets, and toys at a shelter. 
12. Donate food to a shelter after the holidays when less people do. 
13. Share information online. Share a story for someone in need or for an organization. 
14. Give old magazines to the Senior Center.
15. Start a garden and offer an open picking day. 

This is the 100 Good Deeds bracelet. The artist, Mary Fisher is also an author and HIV/AIDs activist. She designed this simple but stunning bracelet strung with 100 beads by HIV positive and economically fragile women in Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, South Africa, and Haiti. These bracelets remind you to do a good deed. Every time you go out of your way to perform a good deed, you move the bracelet’s rubber ring closer to the 100th bead.  Learn more about them here 1GDbracelet. The project gives women the training and means to support their families. Proceeds are re-invested into the program to provide more women and girls, in more countries, with more training and more opportunities. 
This post is a little reminder to do something good. I want to share the Do Good Deeds Movement with you in hopes that you will share this movement and your good deeds with others. There are so many ways, big and little, to #DeedADay. Imagine all the good if we all did just one thing a day! 

Share your ideas with us?

Learn more about the Good Deeds Movement here, 100 Good Deeds 
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  1. I love the idea of this and how cute are those bracelets? Great campaign!

  2. I have been seeing this campaign. This is great!

  3. first time seeing this campaign! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fabulous ideas! love the bracelets-thanks for sharing!

  5. I love buying coffee for people behind me! The bracelet idea is genius!

  6. Now that is a resolution worth doing. What a great idea. I love this.

  7. What a wonderful way to get people to think more about others instead of their own selfish needs. I love this and will look into it as I've seen it all over social media.

  8. We take things to the shelters...diapers, coats, toys, etc. I never thought to take small things like crayons, but those are universally well loved, give the kids something productive to do, and are easy to store. great idea to share!

  9. This is such a great idea. I love how you are getting people to think of others.