Copper Wear {review}

This product review was not done personally by myself but a family member that suffers from inflammation. Any opinions and thoughts on this product are honest. 

I was offered the opportunity to review a Tommie  Copper Wear Sleeve and gave it to my mother in law to review. I know she suffers from inflammation and she is a very active person. She wore the sleeve and gave her honest opinion on the product. 

If  you have never tried compression sleeves before then Tommie Copper is a good brand to start with.  The compression sleeve is a good way to treat inflammations and after use of the Tommie Copper Compression Sleeve my mother in law did notice a difference. She has 6 grandkids and works so she is usually up and about, not always in comfort. When using the sleeve she did not have as many issues throughout the day. It was easy to use and no discomfort with the product on. 
 The way you will respond to the sleeve depends on your ailment and not everyone will respond the same way. You should consult your doctor before use and please discontinue if you feel discomfort. Again, not everyone responds to compression sleeves the same. 

Copper Wear from our "As Seen on TV" Store is the next generation of ankle, elbow, knee and back supports. Copperwear clothing effectively relieves joint pain while providing additional support.   Copper Wear''s revolutionary construction incorporates specially formulated high-performance nylon, and is impergnated with  heat-conducting copper fibers. Copperwear''s ergonomic design dramatically increases necessary blood flow and provides essential joint compression. Our compression wear reduces swelling and helps speed recovery.
Copperwear''s revolutionary fabric wicks away perspiration and moisture while providing essential support for achy muscles and joints. Copper Wear is Antimicrobial  and  Odor-resistant, and is 100% Machine Washable, and can also be machine dried. Copperwear support sleeves can fit either right or left.
Designed for athletic activity, or ever day support
Helps facilitate healing, recovery and soreness
State-of-the art Odor Resistant Design
Revolutionary Fabric Design Wicks Away Moisture
Comfortable, supportive fit.

Copperwear Fitting
Legs: Measure the full circumference at 5" above the center of the knee. 
Elbows: Measure the circumference 5" above the elbow
Feet: Measure around foot, under your heel. 
Available in sizes:
Elbow - MED(10 1/2"-12"), LG(12 1/2"-14"), XL(14 1/2"-16")
Knee - MED(15 1/2"-17"), LG(17 1/2"-19"), XL(19 1/2"-21"), XXL(21 1/2"-23")
Ankle - MED(12"-13"), LG(13 1/2"-14 1/2"), XL(15"-16 1/2"), XXL(17"-18 1/2")

Disclosure: I did recieve this product free/discounted from Tomoson for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own, unless otherwise stated. 

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