DIY Prints #om365project

4/365 Homeschool Art. Today Ben finished up some of his art extra credit. It was making prints from potatoes or meat trays. 

-meat trays (washed and dried or picked up from a grocery store)
-picture to transfer (hand drawn or printed out)
-tool to make impressions in the tray or score the potato, my daughter had a wooden pencil she made a few years ago with her grandpa that was perfect! 
-paper to print on or any fabric or surface

Find what you want to transfer and either draw it or print it out. Place it on the tray and trace around it. With a potato the picture would have to be small enough to fit and see any detail. Once the picture is traced onto the tray you put a thin layer of paint, flip onto paper or surface and repeat. SIMPLE!   

What art projects are your kiddos up to? 

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    1. Thanks! I am kinda all over the place with this one but I cant find specific thing to write about all the time.